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Version: 7.0
Question: 1

In which situation can the IBM Integration Bus function as a component in a WebSphere MQ based publish subscribe solution?
When it is necessary to:

A. deliver a publication to all subscribing applications.
B. create topics based on the content of the body of the message.
C. filter messages based on the content of the body of the message.
D. create subscriptions based on the content of the body of the message.

Answer: A

Question: 2

A solution developer is considering creating a WebSphere MQ service and a DB2 database service to be consumed by a message flow.

What are characteristics of database services and WebSphere MQ services? (Select three.)

A. A database service can only be called from a database node.
B. A database service can be stored in the IBM Integration Bus Integration Registry.
C. A MQ Service can be stored in the IBM Integration Bus Integration Registry.
D. Database services and WebSphere MQ services are defined with WSDL.
E. Service Discovery can be used to create database and WebSphere MQ services.
F. In a database services, only Insert, Update, and Delete database operations are supported.

Answer: C,D,E

Question: 3

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A solution developer is using accounting and statistics data to find a performance issue within a message flow.
Which type of statistics should the developer use?

A. Node statistics
B. Thread statistics
C. Terminal statistics
D. Message flow statistics

Answer: D

Question: 4

In a data analysis project, a set of sample XML documents are analyzed according to:

A. business rules.
B. a validation stylesheet.
C. the content of the data.
D. the structure of the schema.

Answer: C

In a Data Analysis project, you analyze a set of sample XML documents according to the content of the data.

Question: 5

A solution developer is implementing a message flow that transforms XML payment messages. Each payment message includes many individual payment transaction records. Each transaction record has a summary section and a details section. For the mapping, only fields from the summary section are required.
What should the developer do to tune the performance of the message flow?

A. Configure opaque elements in the parser options of the MQInput node.
B. Configure the MQInput node to use the BLOB domain and then use string functions to implement to the mapping.
C. Use XPATH instead of ESQL to map the required elements of the message.
D. Select the option to “Build tree with XML schema data types” in the parser options of the MQInput node.

Answer: B

Question: 6

A solution developer is defining a DFDL model for a file that defines a purchase order. A field in the header, ItemCount, defines the number of purchase order items contained in the purchase order. The schema model is defined as shown below.

What modification must the developer make to the model to ensure that the number of items in the purchase order is equal to the value in ItemCount?

A. Set the OccursCountKind property to Implicit.
B. Add an Assert to Items that tests that items is less than or equal to ItemCount.
C. Add a variable instance to the sequence element that counts the number of Items records.
D. Set the OccursCountKind property for Items to Expression and set the expression to {../Header/ItemCount}.

Answer: A


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